Windthorst 53, Alvord 30 (October 13, 2000)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Windthorst 0 27 0 26 53
Alvord 10 7 7 6 30

Nutshell Summary: Alvord breaks out to a 17-7 lead and the the roof caves in.

How They Scored:
Alvord Jacob Mclean 28 Field Goal 
Alvord Cody Adams 27 pass from Micah Bosley  (Mclean kick) 
Windthorst Kyle Green 6 run (Jordan Teichman kick)
Alvord Adams 68 pass from Bosley (Mclean kick)
Windthorst Chad Berardi 13 run (Kick failed) 
Windthorst Green 34 run (Run failed)
Windthorst Green 19 run (Matt Lindemann run)
Windthorst Berardi 3 run (Kick failed)
Alvord Chris Pitts 55 pass from Adams (Mclean kick)
Windthorst Justin Wolf 2 run (Kick blocked) 
Windthorst Lindemann 25 run (Green kick)
Windthorst Wolf 15 run (Green kick) 
Alvord Adams 52 pass from Bosley (Kick failed)

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