Boyd 14, Millsap 9 (October 26, 2001)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Boyd 0 0 14 0 14
Millsap 0 6 3 0 9

Nutshell Summary: 
  • Boyd gambled on a fourth down on the 50 yard line in the first quarter. They converted but obtained no point off of it
  • Dusty Bolin scored first for Boyd on a 16 yard TD run. The TD capped an eight play drive
  • Chance Demasses scored on a 25 yard run for the final Boyd score. The score was set up by a Brian Purefoy blocked punt
  • Bolin rushed for 126 yards; Demasses carried 16 times for 58 yards; and Purefoy had 70 yards on 10 carries
  • Aaron Lambert completed 9 of 23 passes for 86 yards.
  • Matt Averitt was the games leading receiver with 2 catched for 30 yards
  • Boyd fumbled four times but only lost one
  • Boyd fans were pleased to see the 'Jackets rebound from last week's dissapointint loss to Paradise
  • Boyd was penalized for 110 yards on 11 flags

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