Bridgeport 42, Decatur 21 (October 26, 2001)

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First Quarter:
Decatur's First TD Pass (Called Back for Holding Penalty)
Interception of Bull screen pass by Chris Daniels to set up Decatur first score
First TD by Decatur - Drew Gage 31 yard TD reception, 0-7
Bridgeport KO Return After Decatur TD (Face Mask at end set up excellent field position)
Bull First Score: Joseph Krebs Reception, 7-7
Second Quarter
Grant Edwards 35 yard reception to one yard line that will set up Bulls second TD (Not Shown)
Bobby Torres TD Reception for Eagles to Make It 14-14
Brian Nichols 25 yard run for Bulls to Make it 21-14
Third Quarter
Decatur's Oscar Huerta Scores on Reverse to Tie Game 21-21
Bull's Shane Funk Runs to One Yard Line to Set Up Bull TD (One Yard TD Run By Nichols Not Shown)
Amazing Two Point Conversion After One Yard Funk TD Run (Not Shown). On This Play, Watch Funk Get Up Off Ground to Catch Desperation Pass
Fourth Quarter
Final TD Run By QB Daugherty for Bridgeport


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