Throckmorton 21, Chico 16 (October 26, 2001)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Throckmorton 7 0 6 8 21
Chico 0 7 0 9 16

  • Nutshell Summary: 
    • The win moved Throckmorton to 8-0 on the season. Chico fell to 6-2
    • Chico's first score came on a Jake McLean six yard pass to Amon Cox
    • Throckmorton's second score was a 66 yard pass from Brandon Oliver to Matt Bellah
    • Chico's second TD was a McLean 9 yard run
    • McLean was the leading rusher with 121 yards on 18 carries
    • McLean also held the honor in passing with 70 yards in the completion of 6 of 15 passes. He was intercepted twice
    • Sammy Smith had 44 yards receiving on three catches
    • The game was played in perfect conditions. No wind. Temperature in the mid 50s

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