A Peak Into the Mailbag (6/18/01)

Despite firing off a variety of opinions, I rarely receive email about these columns. However, I had a dandy one this weekend. In August of 1997 ( when I was D.A.), I wrote a column about the prosecution of the FBI agent that had created the Ruby Ridge incident when his bullet struck down a defenseless woman holding her baby. In summary, I said "go get him", but "I'm glad I don't have to do it".  It was basically boring. Nevertheless, a person who has some extreme right wing tendencies didn't exactly understand what I wrote. Last week I was called "liberal" in the Wise County Messenger. I don't think "Jack" would agree:


 "Jack" <[NameDeleted]@tctwest.net>
To:  barry@wisecounty.com
Date:  16 Jun 2001, 05:38:36 PM
Subject:  The root word in attorney is attorn=TO TWIST!


Dear Public SERVANT -

Read an article allegedly written by you concerning the prosecution of one Lon
Horiuchi in Boundry County, Idaho.  I used to be amazed -  not any more.
Government officials (in the eyes of government officials) can do no wrong.
They can MURDER with impunity!  I just want you to know that somewhere in
America - someone (me) knows just how stupid you are.  MURDER IS MURDER.
Horiuchi was/is a sharpshooter!  That was no mistake.  A woman with a baby in
her arms.  An American citizen.  You should be ashamed to uphold such criminal
activity.  But I know you are not.  You too are one of Satan's disciples!  " .
. .he inadvertently hit Mrs. Weaver . . ."  Amazing!

"As should have been done, a federal investigation was conducted over a period
of two years. The result was a finding of no wrong doing on the part of the
federal agents . . "  Federal agents do no wrong - even though they have no
jurisdiction in the several states!  You should study the Constitution you took
an oath to uphold.  If you were smart enough to understand it, you might just
be surprised how many traitors there are posing as PUBLIC SERVANTS!

I would bet also that to be referred too as a public servant really chaps you.
I know you live for the day you can be addressed as "Your Honor"!  Even though
these fools wearing the robes of the dark priesthood are referred to as "Your
Honor" - they are not really honored.  They are laughed at.  Honor is something
you EARN.  Being an attorney though, you wouldn't have realized that.


Easy, Jack. Although the "dark priesthood" line was kind of funny, though.

Barry Green served as District Attorney for Wise and Jack Counties from 1993 through 2000. He is now a partner in the Decatur law firm of Smith & Green, P.C.

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