Notes From the Edge (5/21/99)
Skattershooting as summer dawns.

After prosecuting in both Tarrant and Wise Counties, I'm convinced that jurors are more difficult to convince in the latter . . . Speaking of Tarrant County,  I was surprized that the DA's office could obtain a conviction in the Toney case that involved a bombing 15 years ago . . . Twelve Angry Men is a great trial movie and Law and Order is the best crime and justice television series ever . . . Point made by WBAP's Mark Davis: If the pro-life movement's foundation is based upon the sanctity of the life of the unborn child, why is there an exception for rape? Why is that child less deserving of his chance to live?

I publically scoff at Fox's Worlds Scariest Police Chases, but I seem to end up watching them every time . . . One more point on the police chase shows, why do they tell us up front that they are bringing us the footage to "educate" us that "you can't run from the police"? Come on. They're showing the footage because its a chance for the American public to watch real death and destruction in the privacy of our own homes . . . I can't bear to watch Garth Brooks receive any award because of his aura of self importance. Hey, your claim to fame is that you can sing. It's not like curing cancer . . . Do you know anyone that can list the 10 Commandments from memory?

Television would be much better if we had more confrontations like Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Selleck . . . I'm all for open records, but I find it a bit disturbing that Denton County's judicial web site is now posting mug shots of defendants. Note: this is so even before they are convicted . . .

What is a greater threat to society: a police officer that illegally searches a car or the driver who is arrested after a gram of methamphetamine is found in the ashtray? . . . I've never understood the Star Wars phenomenon nor have I ever met anyone that did . . . For you technology buffs, in five to ten years we wouldn't know what to do without Microsoft's constantly developing "Net Meeting" software.

The practice of bail bonding will one day be abolished. It plain and simply allows the rich to get out of jail while the poor must remain incarcerated. How crazy is that in a system of justice? . . . My out on the limb prediction of the summer: George W. Bush will not win the presidency in 2000 . . . Best commercials on TV: anything promoting the GAP or ESPN . . . Final thought: Alcohol and cigarettes cause more death and carnage than methamptamine ever has. However, while we spend millions on the War on Drugs we allow Coors and Phillip-Morris to advertise, contribute to our elected officials, and sell their products in your local convenience store.

Barry Green is the District Attorney for the 271st Judicial District.

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