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For the week ending 2/2/08
This Week's Overall News Theme:  Burning Ring O' Fire

The Story Paradise burns as a fire breaks out causing everyone to act crazy.  A cigarette was to blame (how do they know that by the way?), 114 was shut down, goats were saved,  trailers could not be, and the media covers it like Hurricane Katrina.
)News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin "We were going all out," said one firefighter. "We even ordered Careflight to go to Lake Bridgeport and scoop up a bunch a water to drop, but they said that was impossible.  But it was a good thought. Wasn't it?"

The Story  Wise County scrambles to get ready for the primary after the elections administrator, Glen Moore, resigned.
News worthiness **
The Spin "We're making sure that every Republican vote is accurately counted," said one source close to the situation. "That other party's count  might not be accurate during the first count, but how long does it take to recount 50 votes?"

The Story In a shocking development, William Bell, whose family was tragically wiped out in a Christmas Eve crash was found to have an alcohol concentration of .12. 
News worthiness ****
The Spin Sheesh. 

The Story Speaking of Democrats, they had a forum where everyone got up and said what you would expect them to say. (Including Republicans in office being an "aristocracy") .  Good times.
News worthiness *
The Spin Did you realize there has not been one Republican forum? Not one and none are planned. We the public don't expect a UFC fight, but a little polite sniping in the same room would certainly help me have some better material.

The Story A nine year old Decatur girl, backing up a truck in order to hitch a boat to it, accidentally hits the gas and hits her father who was directing her. He was later careflighted.
News worthiness ***
The Spin A tragic accident that . . . wait....uh.....nine?

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