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For the week ending 2/6/10

The Story
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The Spin K.T. better hope the NFL trademark lawyers don't notice this ad.  Remember, it's not the "Super Bowl" it's "The Big Game."

The Story Decatur movie theater getting an upgrade?

News worthiness **
The Spin My last movie viewing in it: Patriot Games. Really. 

The Story Big news over the last couple of weeks was the arrest of the Malone clan for an alleged "Nazi meth lab".

News worthiness ***
The Spin One of these days, we'll stop putting people in cages for what they decide to put in their bodies.

The Story Bridgeport and Decatur move to a five team district.

News worthiness **
The Spin With the top three teams guaranteed a playoff birth, one of the teams from the district will probably get in with a 3-7 record. It's just like Pee Wee football: Everyone gets a trophy! Everyone gets a trophy!

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