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For the week ending 02/23/02:

The Story In debating whether Bridgeport should hire two new coaches for its middle school, principal Robin Ross offered this in support of the proposition: "If we get beat like we have in football and basketball, it's hard for me to get these kids fired up [for academics]. If they feel good about themselves, I think they'll perform better in the classroom."
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The Spin We've read that a dozen times, and still don't know if we agree or disagree with it. (By the way, the school board voted to hire the two coaches).

The Story In a syndicated op-ed piece in the Messenger, Dr. Herb Brown advocated the "morning after pill" (referred to as "emergency contraception") in order to curb the number of abortions. "Emergency Contraception" ["EC"] is often wrongly confused with . . . the RU-486 abortion pill, " he wrote. "Not only is EC chemically different from [that drug], but rather than terminate pregnancy, EC prevents a pregnancy from occurring the first place."
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The Spin The Spin suddenly feels very confused about Biology 101.

The Story Bridgeport holds its annual "Double B Relays", inviting such big schools as Gainesville, Saginaw Boswell, and Azle.
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The Spin We couldn't help but notice the following results in the "distance" events: In the 3,200 run, Decatur finished first, second and third (1. R. Joseph, 2. S. Joseph,  3. Warren), and in the 1600 run, Decatur did it again (1. R. Joseph, 2. S. Joseph,  3. T. Joseph).  Full results are here.

The Story The annual Wise County Swap Meet hits town with an expected crowd of 30,000.
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The Spin Never have so many searched for a hubcap for a 1976 Cutless Supreme.

The Story From the Decatur crime blotter: "On Feb. 14, James Sherman reported that he was assaulted by his wife while picking up their children from their residence. Sherman claimed his wife was shutting the door on his leg."
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The Spin That will teach you to remember flowers or candy on Valentine's Day.

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