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For the week ending 3/2/01:

The Story In part of a suicide pact with a (now) dead man in Fort Worth, the deceased body of Aaron Gossett was found near Boyd.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin Gossett was a "registered sex offender" which gets his death relegated to page 10A of the Wise County Messenger.

The Story Victorian Florist and Gift Shop in Decatur burns beyond repair on Tuesday in Decatur.
News worthiness ***
The Spin The shop, amazingly, was uninsured.

The Story Boyd residents will vote on creating a "fire district" to decide whether they wise to subject themselves to a 3 cent per $100 value property tax.
News worthiness  ***
The Spin Let's see, do I vote myself a tax increase while there are folks willing to volunteer their time to provide that service?

The Story The annual Decatur Swap Meet brings less than expected crowds due to the onslaught of rain.
News worthiness *
The Spin Can you imagine anything more miserable than walking through mud to see a bunch of old auto parts?

The Story Twelve people were arrested in three separate incidents involving allegations of "Nazi methamphematime" labs. 
News worthiness *
The Spin What exactly does methamphetamine do, and why do we spend so much of our tax dollars and prison space on the impossible task of trying to wipe it out?

The Story The Boyd Varsity Girls basketball team falls two points short of winning the state championship. 
News worthiness ***
The Spin Billy Joe Tolliver remains the town's only athletic legend.

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