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For the week ending 3/8/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: A Blizzard Of Election Returns

The Story Around 7-9 inches of snow is dumped on Wise County in about 5 hours on Thursday. 
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The Spin Mark this one down, folks. You may not see that again for 30 years.  (I remember one that was pretty close to this in the late 1970s but The Spin didn't keep official records back then because I was too busy cruising around in an Oldsmobile.)

The Story The election primary is held on Tuesday with the attention getters being the County Attorney's race with one of the the three candidates missing the runoff by 33 votes (after approximately 5,000 were cast), and the Sheriff's office race where incumbent David Walker received more votes than than there are live bodies in the county.
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The Spin "We're going to try and cancel all those future elections with that Walker fella," said one election representative. "If I can get the permission of the commissioners, we're gonna declare him something like a Knight or a Pope or something. I mean, he ain't gonna die for some time, and I think we're wasting a lot of ciphering power in counting those results every time."

The Story In connection with the snowstorm, traffic was a bear with the Decatur Convention Center opened as a shelter to house standed motorists. And not one person came. Really. Not one.  
News worthiness ***
The Spin "Thankfully we avoided one of those Super Dome fiascos like they had in New Orleans," said one official. "But please remember the Convention Center for all you banquet, party, wedding,  or disaster needs."

The Story Churches are getting so competitve these days it wouldn't surprise me to see one give away an X-Box to attract attendance one of these days.
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The Spin Well, I'll be.

The Story Daylight Savings Time begins with all of us losing an hour of sleep.
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The Spin Welcome to the Wrath of Rep. Phil King as payback for a few random shots sent his way. That man is really tight with all things energy.

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