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For the week ending 3/24/07
This Week's Overall Newsiness:  One Huge Story

The Story Murder charges are filed against 21 year old John Cooper Carrell after he allegedly struck a 39 year old female in the head with a baseball bat. She died a couple of days after the assault.
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The Spin Oh, my.

The Story
Ken "He Gives Us Tired Head" Hughes continues with his Letter to the Editor rants, this time expressly calling for the impeachment of the President.
News worthiness *
The Spin And this Wednesday we'll see two letters calling Hughes an idiot and then on Saturday Hughes will respond with more flame-throwing verbiage. I can't believe it, but I'd rather see a Letter to the Editor referring to "my spring garden is coming in quite nicely although the onions might be a bit weak this year."

The Story The Decatur ISD school board contemplated repairs to the heating and a/c system at Rann Elementary on Thursday night and was also were expected to "discuss . . .  expanded parking at the high school ($800,000), lights for the tennis courts, track and practice field at the high school ($340,000), bleachers at the middle school gym ($125,000), expansion and numerous renovations at Eagle Stadium or replacement of the stadium estimated to cost between $17 and $25 million and many other projects."
News worthiness ***
The Spin Although we can't wait for the debate on a new high school stadium, for the time being can we throw some money at that elementary school temperature problem and make it go away? Reading Little House On The Prairie is good. Living Little House On The Prairie isn't.

The Story Bridgeport's population increased by 2.75% over last year as it now trails Decatur by only 150 people (5,750 to 5,600).

News worthiness **
The Spin Coincidentally, the sale of Salsa increased in Bridgeport by 2.75%. Sociologist are trying to determine if there is a rational relationship between the two.

The Story In other population news, Wise County's size increases to 63,050.
News worthiness **
The Spin Most new residents considered "the quality of life and all those Dale Jr. window decals" as the #1 reason for migrating to Wise County.

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