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For the week ending 3/25/06:
This Week's Overall Newsiness Rating: **

The Story It rained like crazy last weekend.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin And Lake Bridgeport rose only a half a foot and then began dropping again. It stands at 12 feet low.  Prepare to ski around tree stumps.

The Story State Rep. Phil King tells the Wise County Republicans that he is confident the legislature will "get it done" when it comes to school funding reform at next month's special session.
News worthiness
The Spin The crowd was blank faced until a legislative aid told the crowd that what Mr. King meant to say was that he expected the legislature to "git-r-done".  With that, the crowd roared their approval.

The Spin Bridgeport ISD bans boys from wearing make-up and tight jeans.
News worthiness **
The Spin Those losses to Decatur in football suddenly make sense all of a sudden.

The Spin Speaking of the local Republican party, the treasurer announced at the last monthly meeting that only $119.57 was in their checking account. An offering can was then passed around to raise funds. 
News worthiness *
The Spin
The room suddenly cleared out with some saying the "Bush tax cuts" hadn't truly kicked in yet.

The Spin Big news was made this week when Kevin and Phyllis Riedle, who are half brother and sister as well as common law husband and wife, were arrested on a variety of child porn and sex charges.  The story was covered by basically every major media outlet in DFW.
News worthiness ****
The Spin And the reputation for Wise County being "back woods" reaches historic proportions.

The Spin High School Athlete Profiles makes another appearance and we are pleased to announce that we have found, by his own admission, the cockiest kid ever.
News worthiness *
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