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For the week ending 4/01/00:

The Story Annual Youth Fair comes to town.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) *
The Spin Considering that we have now moved into the 21st century, shouldn't we consider a "fair" that focuses on technology, math and science? After all, which ten year old kid is going to have the advantage: the one that can run an Excel Spreadsheet or the one that can raise a goat?

The Story Roy Eaton's column, after referring to the City of Decatur hoping to have 5,000 people counted in the census, notes that the Mayor Pro-Tem Charles Burton didn't even receive a census form. "If Decatur comes up with 4898 people in the census, Burton is going to protest. He knows where two people live who wanted to be counted and wer not"
News worthiness **
The Spin Note to the proofreaders: When the boss writes something, you might want to review it one extra time. 

The Story New Fairview dissident Steve Miser was refused an opportunity to speak at a city council workshop. Mayor John Christian explained that "We allow citizens to speak at the regular meeting . . . [and then] anyone can talk about anything they want as long as they are civil".  Misner's response: "In my opinion, John Christian is an idiot".
News worthiness ***
The Spin "Civil" is such a funny word. 

The Story State Representative Phil King, citing the high number of truck related deaths, announces he expects new legislation to be passed next year which will (1) require 18 wheelers to be inspected every 90 days and (2) allow police officers other than DPS to conduct roadside routine inspections of the big rigs. 
News worthiness *
The Spin At least we'll know the truck was in good working order when it runs over the Honda Civic at 80 miles per hour. 

The Story James Maryott, who is too young to vote, writes a letter to the editor lambasting the current commissioners court for allegedly allowing developments of substandard housing.
News worthiness **
The Spin This kid writes for a wide audience. Where else do you see a letter refer to "engender[ing] a little political Darwinism in the county courthouse" in one sentence and  "a West Texas coyote with a butt full of buckshot" in another.

The Story Twelve high school track participants are featured in a full page pictorial on page 10A of the Messenger's Thursday edition.
News worthiness *
The Spin Despite being "action" shots, isn't it a little creepy that every single participant has his/her eyes closed?

The Story Tornado hits downtown Fort Worth.
News worthiness *****
The Spin The Spin ventures outside of Wise County for one reason: For those of you that missed it, check out Channel 8's Troy Dungan become geographically disoriented (and that's bad for a weatherman) as the tornado hits downtown. If you'll watch the last 20% of this Real Video feed, you'll see Troy refer to the circular rotation on the Doppler radar as being in "Northern Tarrant County". Then, as he watches the tornado from a camera mounted on top of a building in downtown Fort Worth, he tells viewers that the tornado is "just in the Keller area moving north of Haltom City at present".

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