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For the week ending 04/13/02:

The Story Four people, all riding in the same truck, were killed in an auto accident at FM 2123 and FM 51 on Wednesday.  A sixteen year old, unlicensed driver may have been behind the wheel. 
News worthiness  (on a scale of 0 to 5) ****
The Spin So you don't take time to wear your seat belt? Keep in mind that none of the four were wearing seat belts in this accident and all were thrown from the vehicle.

The Story A Texas Tech student was killed in an auto accident after returning from Denton where he had picked up a gooseneck trailer. 
News worthiness ***
The Spin "Following the service in the church, his casket was placed on a gooseneck trailer above six bales [of] hay. A John Deere tractor pulled the casket  . . . to the cemetery . . . a few miles away." - Sunday Messenger, Page 5A

The Story A 38 year old man, handing in his tax return, was killed in Newark when a vehicle crashed through the front of a tax office. 
News worthiness ***
The Spin There are two things in life that are inevitable, we just don't expect them to happen at the same time. (He, tragically, left behind six children).

The Story A man was found dead in a parked truck after being deceased for "three or four days."  "Customers at the Big Z Travel Center first alerted the manager after seeing blood leaking from the sleeping compartment of the vehicle." 
News worthiness **
The Spin All of this horrible news kind of makes you want to run to your nearest church.

The Story The First Baptist Church in Boyd promotes its Good News Crusade featuring Charles and Beverly Massegee.  "Beverly Massegee is not a typical preacher's wife. She is a former actress and Playboy circuit entertainer."
News worthiness *
The Spin Holy, Holy, Holy.

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