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For the week ending 4/18/09
This Week's Overall News Theme:  Money

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The Spin "This is quite the blow to our economy," a fake Chamber of Commerce spokesperson said. "The Sheriff's office needs to understand that economic times are bad and taking this cash flow out of the economy doesn't help us. We'd appreciate a little change."

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The Spin Highlight of the event, and I'm not making this up, is when one speaker accused Obama of "bowing to the Saudi prince" followed by pointing out that most of the conspirators on 9/11 were of Saudi Arabian descent. Sir, I have a Christmas present for you

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The Spin "We've got those new fancy homes out on 730 so don't rule out one them fancy covered stadium," said one triple fake school board member. "We're negotiating with Allsup's for naming rights but that might require us to design it in the shape of a bean burrito. That's some good eating, by the way."

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The Spin I'm at a loss to figure out what that half of a million dollars is going to be spent on. Crosswalks? Phase one created new sidewalks and brick inlays on the cross walks. Hey, you guys that showed up at the Tea Party rally, give me a call.

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