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For the week ending 5/4/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: Severe Penalty For Early Withdrawal

The Story Stephen Clinton Ward robs the Wells Fargo bank in Rhome - for a second time.
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The Spin I'm not sure what's more amazing - the fact that he did it twice OR the quality of the video screen shots from the lobby.

The Story A big wreck happens out by the Devon Energy entrance on 380. On car had four passengers:

News worthiness ***
The Spin Police are continuing their investigation into the victims' national origin. 

The Story
News worthiness *
The Spin

The Story
News worthiness **
The Spin One worker, sporting a cereal bowl haircut, fired off a "Why, I oughttttttaaaa!" before doing a finger poke in both eyes of a co-worker. 

The Story
News worthiness **
The Spin Officials will temporarily rename the group as CHAOSA.  

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