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For the week ending 5/12/01:

The Story Everyone and their dog announces they will be a candidate for county judge. (Well, actually, just Dick Chase and Eddie Berry).
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin We have interest on two different poles. On one hand, these two men declare for an election that won't be decided until November of 2002. On the other hand, local voters showed their disinterest in politics in that only 23 people turned out for a Decatur City Council election.

The Story Former EMS boss Michael Putnam was arrested on charges of "theft by a public servant". 
News worthiness **
The Spin Considering the last county election, perhaps he should run for county judge.

The Story The City of New Fairview takes its first steps to be allowed to sell alcohol.
News worthiness ***
The Spin Mayor John Christian said, "If we go wet we can have Chili's, Bennigan's, grocery stores and a Sam's Club to consider coming here." (Then, again, maybe not). 

The Story The Boyd City Council enacts an ordinance to force people to remove dead livestock from within the city limits in a timely manner.  The Mayor said, "We had to remove a dead cow [from within the city] and it is not a very pleasant thing."
News worthiness  **
The Spin Now that would have made for a good Faith Hill video.

The Story Chris Flushe defends his dad, a former county commissioner, in a letter directly to the editor of the Messenger. "I can certainly understand how a person of your slime-like existence could make such a mistake. It must be hard for ilk of your nature to even walk outside in the daylight, much less think for yourself for half a nanosecond. P.S. I copied this message to your boss so he can see what an idotic, scum sucking editor he has."
News worthiness  *
The Spin Er, you might want to throttle back a bit. (By the way isn't it idiotic and not idotic?)

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