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For the week ending 5/24/03:

The Story Decatur finalizes plans for a 400 home subdivision although it did mandate that all homes come with a two car garage. 
News worthiness  (on a scale of 0 to 5) ***
The Spin "We are working on requiring each homeowner to have a couple of nice SUVs in those garages as well - we just haven't worked out all the details yet," said one fictitious city official.

The Story The beer and wine applications flow in from Decatur. IGA is one of them, Walmart is not. 
News worthiness ***
The Spin Don't worry, there is no way Walmart is going to sit back and miss this gravy train.

The Story Messenger Headline: "County will charge more to kill your dogs, cats"
News worthiness **
The Spin We're sure there's a story to go with it, we just couldn't get past the headline.

The Story It's graduation time again, so we get to see photos of tons of 18 year olds as well as get some insight into the All-Academic team.  So what movies are the smart kids watching?
News worthiness *
The Spin That would be: 
  • Little Women (high tone literature comes to the big screen)
  • Gladiator (Ok, you can be smart and still like seeing a head lopped off)
  • Extreme Days (huh?)
  • The Patriot (the kid probably loved history)
  • The Lord of the Rings (the C students and A students have something in common)
  • Selena (starring J-Lo when she was only Jennifer Lopez)
  • Moulin Rouge (all girls love musicals)
  • Beauty and the Beast (probably a good moral in there somewhere despite being a cartoon)
  • Tombstone (violence again)
  • Super Troopers (huh?)
  • The Matrix (the kid was so smart that he even understood the plot)
  • We Were Soldiers (another history buff)
  • Sabrina starring Aubrey Hepburn (Harrison Ford is so not hip)
  • Ocean's Eleven & Fight Club (both were mentioned by the same girl who we bet is a big Brad Pitt fan)
  • And three votes for A Walk to Remember (never saw it, but it looks like a teenage tear jerker). 
  • And not a single mention of a Jim Carrey movie which should be a lesson to all of you who didn't make the All Academic team

The Story Local wineries face mounting problems due to Texas laws that limit their right to distribute their product.
News worthiness **
The Spin You may not be able to get a $40 bottle of Merlot at the Alvord Winery, but there is always Pabst Blue Ribbon at IGA.

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