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For the week ending 5/24/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: Fear The Highway

The Story

)News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin Pay. Attention. Please. 

The Story
News worthiness ****
The Spin If that were a problem that would solve the problem. 

The Story
News worthiness **
The Spin We needed another option. Desperately.
The Story
News worthiness ***
The Spin You might be a redneck it . . . .

The Story A fuel spill occurs in Boyd asnone of the lone convenience store gets a refill of gasoline.

News worthiness ***
The Spin "Hey, baby, we can order a pizza and I'll grab a 12 pack and we'll just kick back as soon as I'm done here. Shouldn't be long. These tanks should be full any . . . uh . . . [expletive deleted] . . . I'll call ya back."

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