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For the week ending 6/20/09
This Week's Overall News Theme:  We're Baaaaaaack

The Story  The Messenger prints an article about an average Bridgeport guy and his somewhat average life.
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The Spin And it was well done. I would think that may be the future of the bi-weekly paper. Breaking news can't be its bread and butter. Human interest stories on the other hand? Perhaps.

The Story Decatur and Bridgeport receive an award for their cooperation in creating a new campus for Weatherford College.
News worthiness *
The Spin Decatur immediately claimed that the award would be on display at its city hall because "we all know who was behind this thing."  Bridgeport responded with, "Oh, yeah? Who won that football game last year?"  Both city councils, in hastily called meetings, then imposed trade restrictions against each other including a "no fly zone" marker at  Big Sandy Creek.  

The Story Bridgeport ISD votes to give teachers and administrators Apple computers.

News worthiness **
The Spin  Really? No problems? (Not to mention that the Macs probably cost three times more that a Dell PC.)

The Story News briefs buried in the Messenger from the sleepy country town of Decatur:

News worthiness ****
The Spin Small town living at its finest....Wait!....Whoa!

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