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For the week ending 6/27/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: Johnny Paycheck Edition

The Story  
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The Spin We learn there are actually 102 uses for duct tape. (Stolen from a comment on The Blog but it was too good to pass up.)

The Story
Wise County Commissioner Kevin Burns avoids injury after he crashes his motorcycle into the back of a car. He was not wearing a helmet.
News worthiness **
The Spin Asphalt testing for Precinct 2 goes to extremes. That man is dedicated.

The Story
After a battle that threatened to split the Union, the Superintendent of Alvord ISD steps down after the Great Enis Controversy of 2008.
News worthiness ****
The Spin And we discovered that new Messenger reporter Travis Measley  has got some skills. Check it out. (It's better than anything I could come up with.)
The Story
And Decatur High School Principal plans to resign to take over Arlington Martin.

News worthiness **
The Spin What a beating. That's 105 miles round trip to south Arlington. The route.

The Story A Paradise High School burglary leads to . . .
News worthiness ***
The Spin "Based upon my Paradise High School education and watching those Ocean 11 movies, I felt this was the perfect crime to burglarize the same place three times in a row. That diploma didn't help me out all. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in my education right now. Hey, what's 20% of the bond amount? Math was hard, too." - Double Fake Theressa Cappaert.

Uh, wait. "Buglary"?

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