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For the week ending 6/30/01:

The Story The County Jail is projected to soon run over its current capacity of 120 beds.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin Perhaps county officials should consider implementing a "time out" system in lieu of incarceration.

The Story Citizens of New Fairview squabble over zoning. Owners of trailer homes were once again chastised in that "the city will not enforce ordinances that would require the manufactured homeowners to keep their properties clean and orderly".
News worthiness ***
The Spin Ah, yes, Trailer Wars - The Unsightly Menace returns.

The Story In a joint meeting between the Decatur City Council and the Decatur School Board, the Mayor Pro-Tem criticized all but one of the school board members for failing to attend the grand opening of the new Decatur Civic Center.
News worthiness  **
The Spin  Any chance any of the school board members were thinking, "We put up with so much crap on a daily basis, can we at least not catch some more here?"

The Story After months of bickering, the Runaway Bay City Council finally names the new city park as "The Park at Runaway Bay" presumably copying the name of the  home of the Texas Rangers.
News worthiness *
The Spin The "The Park at Runaway Bay" has a definite country twang to it since the Rangers play ball in "The Ballpark in Arlington".

The Story The Tuesday Update announced that the Bluebonnet Nudist Park is holding an open house in recognition of National Nude Week. "Clothing is optional for females and children," the announcement read.
News worthiness **
The Spin (1). CHILDREN? (2). Very, very few individuals are qualified to observe National Nude Week. (3). CHILDREN? (4). Does that mean that adult men have no option of putting their clothes on or no option of taking their clothes off? (5). CHILDREN? (6). Due to the poor attendance of the Decatur School Board at the open house of the Civic Center, they should make amends by visiting the Nudist Park. (7). CHILDREN? (8). Think you might want to visit? Before you go, picture everyone sitting around naked at, say, Mattie's. (9). Did that say CHILDREN?

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