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For the week ending 7/24/04:

The Story Bridgeport coach Danny Henson announces that he has not taken a job with Denton ISD. "This is the first I've heard of it," he said.
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The Spin Not to be outdone, Decatur coach Kyle Story announced he would not be taking the head coaching job at Notre Dame.

The Story Bridgeport considers buying the vacant rock crusher left by Trinity Materials for $1.6 million.
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The Spin "We can then use it for don't know.....We'll fill it up with water or something. That's always a big crowd pleaser," said one fictitious city official.

The Story The Texas Railroad Commission has given approval to drill a saltwater disposal well near Boyd.
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The Spin The Commission also said it would consider a plan to bull-doze the county if it would guarantee 50 barrels of oil.

The Story The First Baptist Church of Runaway Bay has outgrown its current space and will temporarily move it services to The Club.
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The Spin All members vehemently denied knowing where the restrooms were even after receiving directions that it "was right down the hall past the bar."

The Story The Decatur class of 1999 will hold its five year reunion. Their ad indicated that even after half of a decade, they still had their priorities straight.
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