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For the week ending 7/26/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: I've Seen Fire and I've Seen . . . Oh, My

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The Spin We've finally found a reason not to have a famous son: An alleged bad act will get you on the front page, above the fold. 

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The Spin You know, years ago you never heard anything about the burn ban. Now it gets raised and lowered as often as the Terror Alert did after 9/11.

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The Spin "We take full responsibility," said one fake county commissioner. "If we had enacted that burn ban a little quicker we could have stopped this. There is ash on our hands."

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The Spin I'm all for a new Weatherford College campus in Wise County, but that seems like a stretch.

The Story The convenience store that sold beer to a teenagers that eventually ended up in a fatal wreck on 2123, could lose its license to sell beer and alcohol.

News worthiness **
The Spin I had forgotten that the parents of one of the kids is suing the store for  forcing the kids to buy beer against their will.  Wait, maybe I have that wrong. 
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