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For the week ending 8/26/06:
This Week's Overall Newsiness: Can't . . . Stay . . . Awake

The Story The drought continues in Wise County.
News worthiness **
The Spin The only thing more boring than a drought is reading about a drought.

The Story Secretary of State Roger Williams visited the Lion's Club in Decatur and spoke about the low voter turn-out in Texas. "Williams said he thinks the voting numbers can turn around and that this November, 'we will show the nation that Texans mean business.'"
News worthiness *
The Spin This stirring speech was the best moment at the Lion's Club meeting other than the chicken fried steak, Pledge of Allegiance, and "review of old business."

The Story Addie Blackwell writes a Letter to the Editor wherein she goes off on the county commissioners for not fixing the roads in Decatur.
News worthiness *
The Spin The commissioners, mumbling something about Texas Government 101, fired back by proclaiming they will never spend a dime on a roadway in the city of Decatur.

The Story Wise County Sesquicentennial planning heats up with the Wise County Heritage Museum to host a fashion show called "From Button Hooks to Velcro."
News worthiness *
The Spin That's not to say that Wise County fashion ended in 1951 (when Velcro was invented) but that's probably what it means.

The Stor The World Extreme Rock Crawling National Championship will come to Boyd in September.  The so-called "fastest growing motor sport" (which isn't possibly true) is explained here.
News worthiness *
The Spin "Ain't nothing says 'culture' like a truck that you have to have a step ladder to get in to," said one fictitious Boyd city leader.

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