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For the week ending 9/27/03:

The Story The Decatur City Council rejects a variance request by the First Baptist Church to erect a 17 foot high sign with a face of 180 square feet.
News worthiness  (on a scale of 0 to 5) *
The Spin "We were afraid it would turn out to be one of those change-every-week type signs," said one fictitious councilmen who wish to remain anonymous. "That Bible Baptist and the Church of Christ signs make me feel guilty enough, I couldn't take another one."

The Story Over Labor Day weekend, the city halls of Decatur and Alvord were broken in to. Nothing was taken from Decatur while only a "small amount of money" was taken from Alvord.  
News worthiness **
The Spin All those multi-million dollar budgets and there still weren't big piles of cash just laying around?

The Story Decatur Bond War III continues with  Decatur Economic Development Corporation buying 2/3 page sized ads in the Messenger in support of the package. Each comes with the byline of "Paid Political advertising by Decatur Economic Development Corporation."
News worthiness *
The Spin Just a  random thought: Can that public entity, which is "supported by a half-cent economic development sales tax passed by Decatur citizens in 1993", spend public funds for a political ad? That is, an ad that read "Vote for Joe Lieberman because he'll be good for the local economy" would probably raise a few eyebrows.  Just curious.

The Story Stephanie Mitchell, an African-American, is named Decatur's Homecoming Queen.
News worthiness **
The Spin So the Decatur youth are open-minded and not bigoted? Who is The Spin going to make fun of in twenty years when you guys take over?

The Story
The Decatur Gun & Knife Show comes to the Civic Center next weekend. Craig Roberts, author of "One Shot One Kill" will be the featured speaker.  His web site, "The Kill Zone", also promotes his other books.
News worthiness *
The Spin And guess what kids? You get in free! (We are not making this up).

The Story Robby Miller, 20, of Decatur enters his first fishing tournament and wins $60,000 in cash and prizes at Lake Fork. "When he and the other men on the boat first weighed his big fish, it was only 10.11 pounds. The man who was in the lead had a fish that weighed 10.35 pounds." "I thought, man, it's gonna be second place. Then we got up there and on the official scales it weighed 10.67."
News worthiness **
The Spin Getting that fish to eat a Big Mac while heading back to the dock was no small feat, either.

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