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For the week ending 9/30/06:
This Week's Overall Newsiness: "Wheel Of Fortune" Is More Exciting

The Story Plans are announced that a loop could become part of the Texas Trans Corridor that might come through Wise County assuming that the Corridor is built at all.
News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin Anyone getting the feeling we'll all be dead before we see this project come through Wise County?

The Story The local Republican Party names plaintiff lawyer Allen Williamson second in command, making way for his succession to the throne once party chairperson D.A. Sharpe calls it quits.
News worthiness *
The Spin What? The Republicans embrace a plaintiff's lawyer (they haven't been so kind in the past, and a recent national candidate was scorched for having that occupation) and the local Democrats have a huge turnout of 200 people in Greenwood? It's Bizarro Political Wise County Week.

The Story Robert Morgan of the Messenger pens an article talking about his weight problems (he recently reached a shocking 509 pounds) and his decision to have surgery to fix the problem.
News worthiness **
The Spin No jokes here - the article was great and the Messenger needs more stories like this.

The Story The City of Rhome announces a plan to issue tickets for speeding based upon cameras being set up on local roadways. From the looks of it, this will include highway 287.
News worthiness ***
The Spin This will be mind boggling. If they go through with this and actually issue tickets (or whatever they want to call it) for every car traveling faster than 70 mph on highway 287, the program will become a Dallas-Fort Worth news story with the potential for national attention. And it will not be good.

The Story The Republican commissioners publicly dog Democrat Kay Swaim about her office - just in time for the November election.
News worthiness *
The Spin Although the bickering was mildly entertaining, the gem in the Messenger was eye opening: Based upon the "current year activity report", the four Justices of the Peace have generated revenues (read: people getting hit with fines and court costs) of $2,072,057.   (Maybe Rhome understood this before the rest of us.)

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