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For the week ending 10/13/07
This Week's Overall News Theme:  Big Sandy Throw Done

The Story Alvin Qualls is detained on a traffic stop which leads to a search warrant being executed on his house. "The deputies found 147 grams . . . in cyrstal [sic] meth in the baggies . . . Investigators believe all the dope originated from Mexico."
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The Spin Another sign of porous borders. I remember a time with all you could find was good old American made meth made on the stove like good old American meth should be made.

The Story Northwest ISD parent Judy Anderson writes a Letter to the Editor expressing her displeasure with Messenger reporter Brandon Knox for writing about "the auto erotic way of death" of the janitor a couple of weeks ago. "Do you write anything but yellow journalism, Mr. Knox?" she wrote.
News worthiness **
The Spin Yeah, Brandon, please keep the facts away from us next time.

The Story In another Letter to the Editor, we learn that there was a picket line outside a residential lot that was being cleared for a double wide in Alvord. "Keep you trailer" and "No trailer" were written on the signs.
News worthiness **
The Spin No trailers in Alvord? Does the pope wear a funny hat? Wait, I told that wrong.

The Story In an epic game, Decatur defeats Bridgeport in overtime 48-44.
News worthiness ****
The Spin It finally lives up to the hype. We'll talk about that one for years. But the extra point after the game has ended (which was kicked only in case of a million to one tie breaking situation at the end of the regular season) was out of place. Change that rule.

The Story Bottino Grune Architects presented a plan to the Bridgeport city council about proposed renovations to the downtown theater - currently used primarily for plays. The total cost was $1.8 million. "However, there is no funding for these improvements at the moment - the package is simply a game plan."
News worthiness *
The Spin In other news, Bottino presented a plan for a domed stadium at Bridgeport High School with luxury suites. There is no funding for that, either.

The Story The Messemger runs a picture on its front page with a bunch of kids doing a variety of hand symbols.
News worthiness **
The Spin One faithful reader emailed me about one particular gesture. Anyone else think the same thing? Pic here.

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