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For the week ending 10/27//07
This Week's Overall News Theme:  She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

The Story Mandy Bourgeois (who must be new and obviously a foreigner due to that last name), writes this for the Messenger in covering the Decatur all girl FFA Tractor Restoration Team's national win: "The tears continued flowing well after the announcement was made. Hearts were pumping with overwhelming excitement and cheeks were hurting from constant smiles. This was the greatest moment of their lives."
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The Spin Greatest moment of their lives? I demand those girls put down the wrench. Now.

The Story Messenger reporter Robert Morgan updates us on his weight loss which has now reached an amazing 200 pounds.
News worthiness **
The Spin This is a heck of story, and the guy deserves credit. The funniest bit in the story came when he listed items that were the equivalent of 200 pounds including, "13 Bridgeport tires" [uh, Bridgestone?], "200 basketballs," and "40 reams of copy paper..  But my favorite item on the list was: "2 Jessica Simpsons."

The Story Fifty-six people vote on the first two days of Early Voting on a series of state constitutional amendments that no one really cares about.
News worthiness *
The Spin I hereby declare those fifty-six people the most civic minded in the county. To vote at all in the election is amazing, but to do so early makes you a certifiable crazy patriot.

The Story "Visitors, volunteers and vendors entering the doors of Northwest ISD campuses will have to comply with a new entrance procedure soon, as the district implements the Raptor check-in system approved by the school board at Monday's meeting." 
News worthiness *
The Spin Apparently, this system is activated by scanning a person's state ID which then, in seconds, checks to see if that person is on the sex offender registration list.  Oddly, we don't know what happens if there is a hit. "The procedures that we would establish would specify what happens if there is a hit. We have models to go by and we've also talked with other districts on their policy," an assistant superintendent said. That's all we know. If the person isn't on probation or parole, there probably isn't much they can do. That'll cost you nine grand a year, by the way.

The Story Curly Talmage  of Bridgeport writes a Letter to the Editor complaining about the flag at the Decatur veteran's park being flown in the rain. "I fought the Japs for three years to preserve our flag, and I dislike seeing it treated with disrespect."
News worthiness *
The Spin Japs? . . . (Pause) . . . Curly, I'm invoking the "If You Actually Fought The Japs You Can Call Them Japs" exception.

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