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For the week ending 10/28/06:
This Week's Overall Newsiness: Big Bag of Nothing

The Story The Messenger runs a front page story on the details of the proposed Doctor's Hospital in Bridgeport after finding a web site detailing a $58 million bond sale. The lead-in was: "Despite the fact that no one involved with the [hospital] is willing to talk publicly about the project, virtually everything you to need to know about the facility is available on [a 270 page document] on the Internet."
News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin I think this is more of a story about: "We've got a nice hospital in Decatur which we are very protective of so don't think we won't dog you until you talk to us. We have a high speed connection, an Adobe Acrobat reader, and we're not afraid to use it."

The Story Huge headline on the front page of the Messenger: "Rep. King confronts pipeline problems."
News worthiness *
The Spin A more important headline: "The Messenger has apparently been overtaken by the Republican Party in a bloodless coup - Members no longer need to pay for advertising." Please, for the love of all things decent and pure, don't suck up to this guy.

The Story Sheriff David Walker publishes a two page list of every registered sex offender in Wise County and every media outlet in the metroplex descends on Decatur.
News worthiness ***
The Spin The man is a publicity machine. (And word is that Channel 11 will do a live interview of him on Tuesday morning.)

The Story Devon Energy contributes $122,392 to the Wise County United Way campaign.
News worthiness **
The Spin And that was just from change from the petty cash box.

The Story The city of Bridgeport receives a "Main Street" designation (and no matter how hard I try, I have no idea what that means.)
News worthiness *
The Spin In a tragic end, those responsible for the designation were run down by a 1984 Monte Carlo after standing in the street for this picture.

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