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For the week ending 11/10/01:

The Story The city council of New Fairview continues to provide fodder. Councilman Joe Max Wilson indicates he wishes to bury the hatchet with the mayor which prompted the mayor to reply "You are burying the hatchet, right in my head."
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The Spin We may only a few months away from the debut of Fox's Wildest Council Meetings.

The Story A  “strip”  volleyball drill took place at Northwest's Gene Pike Middle School. During the drill, played in September, two  girls took off their shirts and one girl may have taken off her shorts. Three female coaches supervised the 22 eighth-grade girls while they played the game, which required that team members take off shoes, socks, kneepads or hair accessories if a player missed a serve. The coaches stopped the game after a few girls took it upon themselves to undress further. "  - From Tuesday's Wise County Messenger Update
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The Spin If a video of the Decatur-Bridgeport cheerleaders in a shoving match caused a small firestorm, just think . . . . 

The Story Mickey Murphy writes a letter to the editor regarding his recent arrest by Decatur police officer Mike Robertson: "I did something stupid and he pulled me over. I had warrants and he arrested me. He was super nice and I've never been arrested and had such an enjoyable experience."
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The Spin Sometimes The Spin  just writes itself.

The Story Area residents object to a proposed apartment complex in Decatur where the old candle factory was situated before it went up in flames. "People who live in apartment complexes have little or no investment in the community," Stewart Highlander said in a public hearing in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
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The Spin First it was trailer homes, and now it is apartment dwellers.  Blessed are those that own a concrete slab.

The Story Beer sales begin in Rhome as a result of last month's local election.
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The Spin Utilizing the slogans of "A 12 Pack of Keystone Light Makes a Great Christmas Gift" and "Compliment Your Potato Salad With Maddog 20/20", local retailers launch a promotional campaign for the holiday season.

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