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For the week ending 11/13/04:

The Story In a community forum discussing school financing, "Leslie Ritchie, an aide to state Rep. Phil King, said her boss is working to help schools reduce costs. For example, she said if a school district is rated exemplary, legislation sponsored by King would allow the school to hire non-certified teachers."
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The Spin Hey. let's use that theory to reduce health costs. If a hospital is ranked exemplary, let's allow it to cut costs by hiring doctors that aren't licensed. Oh...wait...that won't work at all.

The Story Outgoing County Tax Assessor Pat Younger tells commissioners that new Treasurer, Monte Shaw, would not be welcomed in her office until after the first of the year. " Younger also said that Shaw would have trouble with her new employees. "He campaigned on the issue that this office needed to be friendlier. Well, if we're going to have friendliness in this office, he's going to have to fire 'em all."
News worthiness **
The Spin That noise you heard coming from the Treasurer's office were the employees collectivelly saying "Sheesh, Pat, could you back off just a bit?"

The Story Northwest ISD superinendant Keith Sockwell gave a (yawn) "State of the District Speech" wherein he declared "and we are not above 'stealing' the teachers we need and know that are good from other districts."
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The Spin
  • And how do you get them? Pay them more.
  • How do we do that? Tax those big old houses in Trophy Club because we have a lot of rich people in our district.
  • But doesn't that make the kids in the poorer district, who are losing a good teacher, suffer? Hey,  "Robin Hood", get off my back.

The Story Paradise passes an ordinance allowing the city to conviscate junked cars, the mayor of Decatur asks its residents to clean up their property, and Boyd residents want the county's junkyard rules enforced.
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The Spin I feel so dirty all of a sudden.

The Story Devon releases a study lauding the financial impact the giant company has in Wise County.
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The Spin Walmart immediately released a press release that read: "Although we applaud Devon's  positive impact on Wise County, we at Walmart would like to remind the public that we provide cheap beer and affordable Cheetos.  Now which company do you think is more important?"

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