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For the week ending 12/01/01:

The Story The city secretary of the city of New Fairview resigns citing that she "thought it was both illegal and immoral to prevent owners of used manufactured homes from gaining permits."  City councilman Ernest Hancock commented that "every time they put a used home out there, it hurts all of us."
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The Spin The city's official Christmas card will read "Merry Christmas to all of our citizen's except you folks that live in trailer homes. Please leave by February, and God bless."

The Story The Messenger runs an article on "Teacher Turnover Plagues Schools". The turnover rate for the county now stands at 22.7%. (Chico was at 31.8%, Boyd was at 31.4% while Slidell came in at 31.3%. Paradise's "average rate" over eight years was 22.8%, and Bridgeport improved to 14.9%.)
News worthiness **
The Spin We presume Decatur ISD has lost at least one teacher along the way but its turnover rate was noticeably absent from the story.

The Story Reporter Mitch Word comments in the Messenger on a Star-Telegram story about "the Southlake Carroll football team chartering a private jet to fly to a football game in Odessa this weekend."
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The Spin Do the coaches have a pilot's license? 

The Story Earl Ross Fox of Decatur dies at the age of 75.
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The Spin He left nine sons, six daughters, 19 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.

The Story Elizabeth Stroud writes a letter to the editor after "a concerned gentleman [who is a senior member of the hospital staff] tells [a group of female employees at the hospital] that he will recruit a group of men to climb the ladder and decorate the [Christmas] tree" for them.  She protests this random act of kindness by writing that the women were not "brainless idiots" and "we are not a  bunch of simpering Southern belles, fainting at every occasion - especially where heights are involved."
News worthiness **
The Spin The next thing you know he will want to open the door for the them.

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