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For the week ending 12/20/03:
The Story The Decatur City Council struggles with what to do about 70 foot lights installed at the Decatur City Park which may interfere with the airport's landing space.
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The Spin Heck, just turn 'em off.  Wait . . . that won't work.

The Story The Decatur Fire Department will usher Santa around on Thursday and Friday. "If Santa doesn't make it around the whole town, fire department officials said they may escort the jolly man on Saturday evening as well."
News worthiness *
The Spin That guy better pick up the pace.

The Story The County enacts a burn ban including and announces that burning trash in barrels is forever prohibited. 
News worthiness ***
The Spin And there goes a quaint aspect of country living: burning your weekly trash in your backyard.

The Story The Decatur City Council, over the objection of dozens of homeowners, approves a zoning change that will allow the construction of townhomes. In other news, Congress person Kay Granger visits Wise County and announces that her "first brush with city government came when she fought a zoning issue near her home . . . . "
News worthiness ***
The Spin Dang, those big city politicians are slick.

The Story Cougar reports surface in Wise County although none have been confirmed. "While local authorities have seen very little hard evidence to convince them that big cats run wild in this area, ranchers swear they have seen cougars."
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The Spin Experts are examining this photo in connection with the reports.

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