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For the week ending 12/30/00:
The Story Some residents of the proposed town of Allison petition the DistrictAttorney to stop the election on the issue of incorporation.
News worthiness ***
The Spin So much for crime fighting, the new DA now has to spend time dealingwith what could become the step-brother of New Fairview.

The Story In naming Jesse Stowers of Bridgeport the Football Offensive MVP,the Messenger pens this line: "While it can be assumed that [Stowers] is a believer in personal hygiene, most of the Bulls' opponents this season wouldn't hesitate to call him offensive".
News worthiness *
The Spin "Good night everybody, I'll be here all week!"

The Story The Messenger profiles how Chico's Zach Dalrymple's won his battle with alcohol on his way to becoming All-Wise County Football Player of the Year. " Excerpt: "[He] was introduced to the world of alcohol his freshman year in high school . . . . [He] found that the lingeringeffects of constant drinking began to surface on the playing field."
News worthiness *
The Spin We're talking about a high school kid.

The Story The Sheriff's Office announces that anyone needing a ride home becauseof their state of intoxication during New Year's Eve can call the Sheriff'sOffice "and we'll find a way to get them home."
News worthiness ***
The Spin Any bets on the number of takers?

The Story Incoming county commissioner Mikel Richardson tries a bi-partisan approach by saying, "We're not Democrats or Republicans anymore. We'recomng up here to do a job." 
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) *
The Spin What he should have said was, "After the last election, aren't weall soon to be Republicans anyway?"

The Story In the George W. Bush Era of smaller government, the Decatur CityCouncil will vote on a sign ordinance which should be entitled "The Overkill Ordinance of 2001."
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin A sign at a private business location can only advertise the businesslocated at the site, unless the sign hangs from a canopy but only if thecanopy overhangs a pedestrian walkway. If you want to fly your own flagon your own flag pole, you may do so as long as the flag pole is not higherthan 35 feet tall and so long as you have no more than two flag poles. (We are not making this up).

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