Coach: Scott Belcher

Chasen Foreman
Crystal Tate
Chance Garrett
Ashlee Hale
Hayley Webb
Scheana Smith
Jenifer Metcalf 
Candice Biedier

Micah Bosley
Chris Pitts
Paul Cruz
Cody Adams
Corey Bosley
Colin Pylant
Josh Slimp
Junior Gillespie
Leslie Gierisch
Cody Watts
Ruben Rivera
Matt West
Jody Slimp
Jordy Clark
Ryan Haggerty
Jimmy Daniel
Josh White
Allen Morse
Clay Woody
Adam Stachowiak
Willie Haak
Jacob McLean
Ryan Hemphill
Chad Yapit
Blake Bryan
Micah Slimp
Ubaldo Talamentes
Kyle Pylant
Melvin Cantrell
Timmy Garcia
Roy Gachuzo
Andy Warnock
Roy White
Tom Davis
Roger Haak
C.J. Holder
Mark Gowin
Bryan Bridges
Paul Vargas
Jeremie Dykes
Nathon Laney


2000 Schedule 

9/1 at Valley View, Lost 45-8
9/8 vs. Paradise, Lost 40-0
9/15 at Collinsville, Lost 46-0
9/22 vs. Electra, Lost 28-12
9/29 at Ranger, Lost 41-12
10/13 vs. Windthorst, Lost 53-30*
10/20 at Muenster*, Lost 12-0
10/27 vs. Saint Jo*, Lost 39-6
11/3 vs. Era*, Lost 28-0
11/10 at Petrolia*, Lost 77-12


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