Bridgeport 42, Decatur 21 (October 26, 2001)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Decatur 7 7 7 0 21
Bridgeport 7 14 14 7 42

Nutshell Summary: 
  • Video Clips for this game are available here.
  • Bridgeport had three turnovers in the first quarter but Decatur scored only seven points off of them
  • Decatur's featured running back, Paul Warren, was injured and did not play. Speculation ran rampant in Bridgeport all week as to his status.
  • Decatur threw a series of bombs in the first quarter. None were completed although two pass interference calls were obtained.
  • The Bulls had 586 yards in total offense
  • Bull WR Joseph Kreb caught eight passes for 128 yards.
  • Decatur's Ryan Hunt passed for 219 yards
  • Hunt made numerous acrobatic escapes to avoid a sack
  • Decatur's Ryan Gage had 108 yards receiving on eight catches
  • Dropped passes plagued Decatur all night
  • The fourth quarter was marred by a skirmish between the Bridgeport and Decatur cheerleading squads. The incident broke up on its own accord with no adult intervention
  • That cloud of smoke hanging over the field in the second half was not fog - it was indeed smoke from a barbeque pit at the visitor's concession stand
  • QB Phillip Daugherty thrust his arm in the air before crossing the goal line on the games final score
  • Bryan Nichols, who scored three times for the Bulls, is a former Decatur ISD resident
  • Bridgeport utilized the shovel pass and draws all night long 
  • With the exception of one spearing call, there were no personal fouls during the game.
  • Decatur had a first quarter TD nullified by a penalty

How they scored:
D - Drew Gage 31  yard reception from Ryan Hunt, XP
B - Joseph Krebs 29 yard reception from Phillip Daugherty, XP
B - Brian Nichols 1 yard run (Set up by Grant Edwards 35 yard reception), XP
D - Bobby Torres 25 yard reception from Hunt, XP
B - Brian Nichols 26 yard run, XP
D - Oscar Huerta 13 yard run (reverse), XP
B - Brian Nichols 1 yard run, XP failed
B - Shane Funk 1 yard run, 2 pt. conversion reception by Funk
B - Phillip Daugherty 34 yard run, XP

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