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For the week ending 1/3/09
This Week's Overall News Theme: Andy Dufresne Tunnels Out Of Montague County. Ends Up In Decatur.

The Story  
Montague County makes national news as its jail is shut down for being in such a wheels off condition. Sixty inmates were transferred to Decatur.
)News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin "We're not sure what went on up there but we plan to get to the bottom of it -- at least until Obama takes office," said one double fake Wise County Jailer. "I've been practicing water boarding on my wife. It works really good. And kind of jazzed me."

The Story Meet transferred inmate Stephen Vance.
News worthiness ***
The Spin Never has Father Time made such a depressing exit for the new year. 

The Story County officials are sworn in.

News worthiness **
The Spin Ok, all you who  are white, male and secretly videotape Oprah Winfrey every day, raise your hands.

The Story The Messenger publishes its year end round-up edition (which is pretty good.) Example:
News worthiness ***
The Spin Hey, we're at a 58% divorce rate with the divorces still having a whole month to increase that percentage.   Family Values turns it back on 2008. Good news: More single women at Frilly's.

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