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For the week ending 1/28/06:

The Story The Decatur City Council votes to take down two old water towers located off the courthouse square.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin And the "brew crew" breathed a sigh of relief that the water tower on the south side of town would live on.

The Story The Wise County Republican Women will host a "state of the union" party on Tuesday in Runaway Bay to watch the president's annual address to the nation.
News worthiness **
The Spin It will be preceded by a 30 second presentation called "Memorable Statements From Past State of the Union Messages."

The Spin The county contracts with Fit-n-Wise to do a physical assessment for all new county employees, but county officials announced they would "review the type of criteria that they're using to see whether it is too narrow for some of the people that we are [interested in]."
News worthiness *
The Spin The 200 pound clean and jerk requirement for the district clerk's office will be specifically reviewed.

The Spin A  fundraiser for the counties volunteer fire departments gets a huge turnout with, according to the Messenger, at least one attendee comparing the volunteers to "the protagonist of the movie 'Braveheart'".
News worthiness **
The Spin Which explains the shouts of "You can't take our freeeeeeedom!" could be heard as firefighters battled a grass fire at 287 and 407 this week.

The Story The head of the Wise County Republican Party distributed a three page letter providing tips on political speaking. "Avoid splitting infinitives. Say 'My plan is not to allow contracts without open bidding.' Do not say, 'My plan is to not all contracts without open bidding.'" (We are not making this up.)
News worthiness *
The Spin To which one unnamed candidate replied, "I done split a infinitive last week but I ain't gonna do it no more." (We did make that up but it's probably true).

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