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For the week ending 2/13/10

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The Spin That was historic. And so historic that I might never see that much snow in Wise County in my lifetime.

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The Spin Fascinating case on  what percentage, if any,  alleged bad or insufficient road signs caused an admittedly drunk individual  to crash into an innocent girl.

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The Spin I have no idea what is going on here but normally you want to be the highest seed in a tournament. Except here where three is apparently  better than two because no one wants to play Burnet. So is this why they didn't "play" for the seeding because the loser would have the more favorable third seed so there would have been an incentive to lose?  (High School Girls Basketball = Tired Head.)

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The Spin So only now, in the year 2010, Decatur feels the need to create a new crime for noise?  

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