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For the week ending 2/27/10

The Story Commissioners' court candidate Paul Wood awakes to a surprise.
News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin The next day he unveiled a new campaign slogan: "So desirable  that even naked women want to break into his house." 

The Story
News worthiness *
The Spin Signs I'm getting old: For years I've joked about the Swap Meet then I drove buy it this weekend and saw a 1978 Firebird on display and almost went in. 

The Story Grant Edwards, 25, is killed in a traffic accident on 380 near Denton.

News worthiness ****
The Spin He lost his mom a couple of years ago to cancer.  More proof that life isn't fair.

The Story
News worthiness *
The Spin The ordinance (and I'm not making this up) is nine pages long and still ridiculously vague. That's enough to make a man want to join the Tea Party.

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