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For the week ending 3/21/09
This Week's Overall News Theme: Wise County Hilton Developments

The Story
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The Spin That makes two murder indictments in Wise County in two weeks. And we thought Mexico was having a murder crime wave due to drug violence.

The Story
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The Spin That is not going to look good on his pastor resume.

The Story After Wise County agreed to hold inmates while the Montage County "animal house" jail was cleaned up, it was time for them to finally head home.
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The Spin From a "How Was Your Stay" review card: "The staff was extremely nice and helpful.; the grounds are beautiful; the rooms are sumptuous, and the jail  is centrally located. My partner and I had a great time there although the clientele is mainly Wise County riff-raff.  Our only complaints were that there were no premium cable stations which is odd for a place of this caliber and, of course, that the lack of methamphetamine and sex with jailers."

The Story On a slow news week, we've got a couple of song references buried in the Messenger.
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The Spin  Gretchen Wilson was in charge of sports headlines:

And from the Spotlight on a high school athlete section:

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