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For the week ending 3/22/03:

The Story The TABC runs a sting on Wise County beer stores to determine if anyone was selling brew to minors. "Most of the time, people will tell you they just weren't paying attention," said the agent in charge Mike Sudderth. "In all my years of doing stings, there's only been one or two that were selling to minors because they wanted to."
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The Spin So were spending our taxpayer money to arrest people for mistakes instead of intentional acts? 

The Story The Wise County Domestic Violence Task Force throws its annual Casino Night to raise cash.  According to its web site, you should "Speak out.  Let your elected officials know that you want them to bring about changes to stop the violence and believe the victims."
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The Spin With that policy, we hope every "victim" is telling the truth.

The Story The Decatur Economic Development Corporation board got some "good news" when it learned that sales tax revenue "was up $4,000 compared to the same period last year." 
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The Spin Did you catch the chart inside? The $4,000 increase is a gain of 4.4%. This falls behind Aurora (15%), Boyd (21%), Bridgeport (15%), Chico (89%), New Fairview (687%), Newark (15%), and Paradise (25%).

The Story Denise Erwin comes to the defense of Shane Hale in a letter to the editor. Hale pled guilty last week to Aggravated Sexual Assault in exchange for a 40 year prison sentence.  "I had a sexual encounter with a relative . . . . I personally know many other women who who have been in this situation and I can assure you it did not ruin their lives."
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The Spin Get ready for a barrage of letters in response that will rival the "Shock and Awe" campaign.

The Story Church construction is booming in Decatur with the Church of Christ spending $3 million and the First United Methodist Church spending $1.5 million. 
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The Spin The heck with enticing an Albertson's or Chili's to come to town, let's start enticing mosques, temples and synagogues.

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