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For the week ending 3/30/07
This Week's Overall Newsiness:  Picture Link Intensive

The Story A group files an application with the FCC to operate a low level radio station out of Decatur.
News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin I suspect the radio station will play both kinds of music: Country and Western.

The Story
The courthouse gets a little bit tense as the DA looks for office space for a new assistant prosecutor but County Court at Law Judge balks at giving up any of his square footage.
News worthiness **
The Spin This secret photo taken of Judge Cude guarding the stairway to the third floor indicates that he is prepared to mount a  Spartan-like defense.

The Story The Messenger gets hit with an indecency fine by the FCC for publishing a shocking photo of a high school girl's naval.
News worthiness *
The Spin Ok, part of that statement wasn't true. 

The Story Kim Tinkham of Boyd, who has Stage Three breast cancer, is detailed in a front page Messenger story about her refusal to undergo surgery opting to "heal herself." "If people contract cancer because of choices they make in their lifestyle, then they can try to rid themselves of it also, she said."
News worthiness ***
The Spin Rethink that. Please.

The Story The Messenger publishes a photo in connection with the Wise County Youth Fair . . .
News worthiness *
The Spin . . . that has scarred me for life. (Don't we have laws against that?)

The Story Ok, I as too harsh about the last picture of the the Wise County Youth Fair . . . 
News worthiness *
The Spin . . . I meant to say that this photo has scarred me for life. (Name the last time you saw a tiara and a dead chicken in the same photo.)

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