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For the week ending 4/4/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: Gettin' All Graphiccccy On You

The Story Messenger headline:
)News worthiness (1 to 5)
The Spin It was sold to Abilene Wylie in exchange for a three bedroom fixer-upper with an option to buy Muleshoe.

The Story TxDot will determine the new speed limit for the new stretch between Bridgeport and Decatur with this formula (but in no event will the speed be greater than 70):
News worthiness ***
The Spin  Let me save you some time Cedillo, it's gonna be 70.  (But I do have some confusion: When exactly will all this measuring be done? When the speed limit is temporarily set at 55?)

The Story  
News worthiness *
The Spin In other news, the beggar with a tie on along FM 51 in Decatur announces that he will be seek employment as a "Phantom Brain Surgeon at Wise Regional" for only $9. 

The Story  The Bridgeport City Council slaps down Moonshine Liquors for having too much signage and then enacts an ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses including "contact" between patrons and employees.
News worthiness **
The Spin Next week a proposed ordinance will be considered imposing a $500 fine for "pretty big sins that other people commit."

The Story Some lady gives a hot opinion on teenage stalking:

News worthiness *
The Spin Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. How did she speak in that fancy text jargon?

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