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For the week ending 4/07/07
This Week's Overall Newsiness:  Soap Operas Got Nothing On Us

The Story The Messenger runs an article regarding the attitudes over in Bridgeport about the upcoming alcohol election with an amazing number of city leaders being in favor of the proposition. In fact, the only person quoted in the story against the initiative was Roger Rhodes, pulpit minister of Cates Street Church of Christ.
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The Spin "We might as well change the high school mascot to the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bulls." said one disgruntled Church of Christ goes. "Next thing you know they'll be forcing us to use a piano. Nothing's sacred anymore. Nothing."

The Story
The Wise County Youth Fair winds up with some concern about the decrease in the number of entries in the "clothing, food and craft divisions."
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The Spin Some officials are now considering adding the divisions of "Skateboarding, Playstation, and Overall Slacking" in order to better reflect today's climate.

The Story I have a dream that some day cowboys can worship in Wise County as they please. Free from discrimination of their straw hats, old boots, and worn jeans.
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The Spin Well, I'll be.

The Story Decatur High's baseball coach abruptly resigns after rumors swirl about his relationship with an English teacher/volunteer track coach. The Messenger , in connection with the story, reprinted the very vague "morals clause" of Decatur ISD.
News worthiness *****
The Spin In other news, every other teacher and administrator in Decatur ISD are being consider for positions of deity for their sinless lifestyles.

The Story And then the fallout from the coach's resignation: Chaos. On Tuesday, the Bridgeport/Decatur boys baseball game was canceled when the umpire failed to show up, and on Tuesday night the Bridgeport softball team beat Decatur for the first time in, well, a long time. 
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The Spin And then things got crazy in the softball came when the foot of a Decatur player almost fell off in mid-throw. (Picture.)

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