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For the week ending 04/20/02:

The Story The New Fairview city secretary asked the Wise County Commissioners to provide 911 addressing service for the city.  The commissioners tabled the action until "they have a formal request from the New Fairview City Council." 
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The Spin Considering the New Fairview City Council's penchant for getting along, that may take a while.

The Story As the Decatur ISD bond package nears a vote, H.D. Boswell continues his onslaught by writing letters to the editor that are more difficult to read than a George Will column.
News worthiness **
The Spin Case in point: His April 21, 2002 letter contained a whopping 38 references to different numbers (i.e. "22 cent rate will yield $2,068,000", "add 2,000 new homes at $200,000", "252,000 square feet for 5.79 acres", etc.).  Stop before our heads explode.

The Story At an open forum for to discuss the bond package, former superintendent Kenneth McKay asked why the price per square foot for the new high school is higher than other area projects. Board member Stan Smith pointed out that an Alvord school had "a very nice big wall . . . that fell down during a strong win during construction . . . . They may be willing to deal with that, but I don't think we are willing to deal with it here." 
News worthiness **
The Spin The anti-bond package group immediately retreated saying, "They should have told us earlier the walls weren't going to fall down."  Unfortunately, Alvord residents began marching toward Decatur in protest over the remark.

The Story The Bridgeport School Board approves an all night bowling trip to Denton for the senior class. 
News worthiness *
The Spin Well, at least they won't be hanging out in an area that has a reputation for smoking and drinking. Uh . . . wait a minute.

The Story A mock car accident was staged for Boyd High School, complete with an overturned car, a fake dead body, a body bag, and a hearse.  "The worst was getting zipped up in the body bag," the fake victim said. "The smell of death and the darkness, it made me sick."
News worthiness *
The Spin Smell of death? 

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