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For the week ending 5/1/04:

The Story Alvord ISD plans to add a daycare to accomodate teachers with young children. "The program will be able to accomodate as many as 12 children."
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin It would have been larger but the school isn't used to handling a large number of kids.

The Story A wallet dropped during a burglary of Cow Camp Steakhouse leads to the arrest of Joshua Sutter, 23.
News worthiness ***
The Spin "I wasn't going to even bring the dang thing and then I started thinking - What if I started feeling guilty and wanted to leave a tip or something. Now look what happened. Next time I won't be so thoughtful."

The Story The Messenger runs an editorial proclaiming that the local Democratic Party is not dead yet.
News worthiness *
The Spin Maybe not dead, but that priest issuing the last rites during the last meeting was not a good sign.

The Story H.D. Boswell begins his unothodoxed campaign for a place on the Decatur ISD school board by listing a series of promises and priorities. One of them being: "To keep a close eye on the building of the new High School. I don't trust my President, so whay you I trust 'them'".
News worthiness *
The Spin Unusual campaign theory: Take an unnecessary shot at a president whom the vast majority of eligble voters will vote for

The Story In the oftentime confusing and uncomfortable "Spotlight" section of the Messenger profiling local high school athletes, a Decatur Junior responded to the question of  "Behind my back people say" by answering "She still has a nice butt'"
News worthiness *
The Spin Kids say the darndest things.

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