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For the week ending 5/29/04:

The Story Wise County Little League officials worry about the shortage of ball fields but worry about funding. "It's gotten to where we're having to schedule games on . . . Wednesday nights, which was always taboo because of church," said one official.
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The Spin  "However, we just labeled it a 'baseball fellowship', served some punch and cookies, and the Baptists never batted an eye."

The Story A signed statement was presented to the county commissioners which read, in part,
“It has been discovered that the most recent petition for a [sic] emergency service district no. 2 Wise County was gathered and filed under the wrong chapter 775. This is not the Texas Statue [sic]. It can be filed under Ref. Texas Statue [sic] . . .

“We the undersigned citizens of Wise County ask that this petition be denied under 776.017.

“If this petition is not denied under a Texas Statue [sic] Chapter 776.017 and the commissioners court approve the petition under chapter 775 we will seek further legal action to stop this wrongful action.”
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The Spin County Judge Dick Chase had an "angry response" to those speaking that were not on the agenda, but it is unconfirmed that he uttered "that's statute, not statue!!" under his breath.

The Story James Taylor writes an angry Letter to the Editor when the Messenger failed to mention an appearance by the music group The Rankins who had apparently appeared at the multi-purpose building.
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The Spin We've heard of James Taylor but not The Rankins.

The Story Lauren Cheves "earned a $50,000 golf scholarship from the University of North Texas."
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The Spin We were about to balk at that purported cost of a regular public college education until we found out that we hadn't priced tuition, room and board lately.

Annual Costs at UNT:
Tuition: state resident $2292 full-time
Required fees: $1490 full-time
Room and board: $4885

The Story The Bridgeport City Council sees a demonstration on the use of an "Advanced Taser M-26" (see a tricked up photo).
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The Spin The hog-tying demonstration was immediately canceled.

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